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An Overview about the Makers of Silicone profiles

When it comes to silicone profiles, they are used in several sectors for several purposes. Seeing the demand and dependency of these products, a lot of companies have evolved in making silicone profiles for worldwide customers which will be briefly encountered one by one.

The Rubber Company
In the making of rubber products, The Rubber Company has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing rubber products. They manufacture, convert and distribute extrusions, mounding, sheeting, gaskets, seals and rubber matting in natural and synthetic rubbers. They provide a wide range of products from gaskets and seals, rubber fenders, noise insulation, traffic management materials, rubber matting and decking, hose and ducting, safety surfacing, extrusions, rubber mouldings, bellows and connectors, conveyor belting, grass ground reinforcements, rubber sheeting, sponge rubber and adhesives and sealants. These are all silicone profile products.

This REHAU Company is an expert for providing polymer based products in construction, automotive and industry. They produce silicone profiles, seals and sheets in formats like in RAU-SIK compact, RAU-SIK foamed, in any cross section required, as a co-extradite, with self-adhesive tape with low friction surface coating. The aim is to meet the individual customer requirement.

Elastostar Rubber Corporation
Elastostar rubber cooperation is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing silicon with the aim to help the customers in achieving profitable sustainable growth as solver for problem and to provide high-quality products and services. They offer a wide range of products which include silicon rubber tubing silicon rava card, D- Seals and gaskets, U-channels and gaskets, E-seals and gaskets , B-seals and gaskets, Platinum cured silicone tubing, extruded bulb sealed rubber and gaskets.

PAR Group
The PAR Group is a UK-based company that has over 30 years of experience in serving clients all over UK Europe and worldwide. They are expertise in rubber moulding converting, CNC machining and fabrication facilities. They served by manufacturing several rubber and polyurethanes products which ranges from rubber moulding, Robert extortions and profiles, silicon extortions, silicon in G nearing, polyurethanes engineering, flexible connections, bellows, roller and will coatings, rubbish eating where building, expansion joints, pipeline cleaning Biggs suction cups, versa chute.

B I W is the market leader for silicone extrusions, cable protection systems, silicon mouldings other polymer based products. The supply in automotive industries, energy technology household appliances, medical and pharmaceutical G, aircraft and space technology, rail technology, side it acknowledges and heat protection. When it comes to manufacturing of products they make Silicone extrusions based products which include silicone hoses, silicone Round chords, silicone squares, Silicon profiles, extrusions , reinforced horses, silicone form hoses, silicone firm profiles, silicone form round gods, silicone for squares and many more.

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