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Products and Uses of Silicone Profile

Silicone profile products are available in high quality polymer. They are so pure and high quality material that the products are water repellent, temperature resistant, and low in chemical reactivity and provide excellent resistance to oxygen, UV light and ozone.

Product variants
First comes Silicone cord which is a compact extruded silicone rubber which is used for sealing gaskets and vulcanised O-ring where there is a requirement for excellent sealing service. Then come the silicone tubes which are used in all types of industrial applications for fluid transport up to 200c. That is the standard hose which is available in several variants like the THT silicone hose, Platinum silicone hose, fluorinated silicone hose and Vapour resistant silicone hose. The rectangular silicone profile is used for sealing and in welding processes in packaging industry. The silicone profiles are also available in several shapes of L, T, e, h, U and many more include seals for many types of industries and processes like in aluminium window profiles, non-toxic gaskets in food industry, inflatable seals for autoclaves and many more. When there is a need to absorb tolerance differences from the materials on which there will be seal required then sponge silicon profile is necessary. Reinforced silicone tubing is the previous step to silicone hose reinforced with stainless steel. Whenever there is a work needed to be done with sticky fluids, sterilising processes, vapour, pressure, difficult to reach places then these tubing is used.

Uses of Silicone Profiles
Silicone profiles are extruded into making tubes, strips and cords to be used for sealing and making o rings. It is used in automotive applications, cooking and baking utensils, sportswear, home repair and hardware. It is even used as liquid rubber for making medical products and cosmetic appliances and even optics products.

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