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Silicone profile: A detail information

Silicone profile is an industry based product composed of silicone which is a polymer made up of silicon, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. They are used in several industries for making products such as cooking, baking, food keeping products, in undergarments, home repair, hardware products etc.

Available product formats of Silicone profiles
The silicone rubber is basically resistant to any sort of reaction. It is quite stable and durable. In extreme weather conditions the products are not affected. They are well resistant to extreme environments and temperatures. The products are available in several formats like in RAU-SIK compact, RAU-SIK foamed, in any required cross-section, as co-extrude, with self-adhesive tape and with low-friction surface coating. They are applied in shower seals, grafting clips used in agriculture, seals for car sun roofs, silicone balcony profiles and seals, press pads for Ironing boards, oven seals and gaskets.

Properties of Silicone profile
These products are resistant to a temperature of minimum -60 c to a maximum of +300 C. In these temperatures the elasticity is maintained and does not react. They tend to remain solid once they have taken shape. They are water repellent. Even they are electrically insulting in nature. They bear a neutral smell and taste which is quite suitable for all work conditions. When it comes to weathering, ozone and UV reaction, it is resistant to these too. They are resistant to vapour and steam up to two bars. They are retardant to flames. Most importantly, they are even resistant to flue-gas. They have outstanding tensile strength, elongation, tear strength and compression set. The silicone profile is fabricated into extruded rubber profiles and products of all shapes and sizes and results into making of several rubber compounds which varies from silicone tubing, silicone hose, silicone cord, any shapes, splicing, seals and conductive tubes. Opting for a silicone profile is a smart choice in terms of investment and durability.

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