Monday, 23 September 2019

The production line of silicone profile

Of any diameter and shape the production line is intended for the production of silicone profiles. The devices that are used in the production line of silicone profile are differentiate by the energy efficiency, high linear speed of operation, intuitive operation and etc.

Important functional characteristics
• Energy efficiency-it has a characteristic of low energy consumption.
• Versatility-it has the ability to produce varieties of profiles of various mixtures of rubber.
• It takes short time to reach the final production.
• It is ergonomic and intuitive operation.
• It is of high capacity.
• The designs are environment friendly and functional solutions are also environmental friendly.
• It offers components of high durability.
• It has digital control system.

Devices that are used in the silicone production line
The first element of the line is the extruder. It has an innovative design that are characterized by other operations of high permissible permission, high torques, in the system of heating-cooling it is lack of dead zones. With excellent parameters it allows to obtain a product with comparatively low energy input.

Forming tools head
To form the silicone profile a head is an important element of the line. All the parts that are in contact with the silicones are going through the process of nit riding. It allows obtaining a high resistance abrasion. Through system channels the head is heated and cooled efficiently. This is the system of the dead zone.

For IR vulcanization shock oven
To fix the shape of the extruded silicone profile the IR shock oven are used at a high temperature. On the short wave radiators of halogen the construction of the IR shock oven is based.

IR vulcanization tunnel oven
In a tunnel oven the basic process of vulcanization takes place. The design of its segment allows to the connection of the segments. It resulted in the size of the manufacturing the profile and the speed of the extrusion.

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