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Various Shapes of Silicone Profiles

Silicone profiles are extruded into several shapes due to the demand of this material as it is water repellent, heat and cold resistant, electrically insulating, and flame retardant and fuel gas resistant. This article will focus on the usage and necessity of the different shapes available for use.

Shapes of Silicone rubber profiles
The silicone rubber profiles are available in several shapes in the market. Some of these are shaped as T, e, U, h D,L, P, Tadpole, Mushroom, Draught Excluder, Oven door, Multilane Tube, U with Bubble, Lip Seal, Glazing Seal and many more. They are available as per the requirement of customer in solid, sponge and dual hardness silicone.

Uses of each shape
The silicone sponge cord is used for compliant soft sealing normally held in place within a groove which is slightly smaller than the used cord. Then comes Silicone Double P profile which is alike the Singular P but doubles the simple seal. This is where a metal strip is fixed on the tail to bolt through to the mating metalwork. The Silicone Solid Cord is typically “O” ring with sealing capabilities. The Silicone T Profile is a typical section often used in Food packaging where the tail is held within a groove. Silicone U profile ensures edge protection from all thicknesses. The Silicone U Profile with Bubble has a section with bubble which edges protection with extra sealing ability. The Silicone e Profile acts a hollow seal with the added advantage of a groove for fixing a panel. The Silicone D Profile is a simple seal with soft sealing ability whereas the Silicone D profile with a firmer sealing is also available other than the hollow version. The Silicone h Profile is used for panel fixing with sealing tail. The Silicone H Profile is used for sealing two adjoining panels. The silicone tadpole profile is a regular silicone bulb seal with tail for mechanical fixing. The Omega Profile is a bulbous seal with retaining T bar for fixing. The Silicone Omega Profile is a bulbous Seal with dove tail fixing. Thus basically, most are used for sealing purposes according to the needs of the customers. Other than these, the others are used for sealing glazing and panel units, windows and doors, corner protection and multiple usages.

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