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What is Silicon profile? A Brief Overview

In a tunnel of hot air a silicone profile is vulcanised. There are extrusion lines that are in place to produce silicone profiles and also seals. Normally a typical silicone profile has a weight of maximum 2.5 kilos per metre.

Silicon profile as weather-resistant
Silicon rubber has silicone solutions that are largely used in rail transportation, shipping, in the industry of construction, and in the industry of foodstuff. Silicon has excellent qualities of weather and ozone resistant. So it is the perfect material that is choosing for exacting the conditions. The range of the operating temperature is very high. It has the range from -50 degrees C to +200 degrees C. With the chemical compounds it may be wider from -100 degrees C to +300 degrees C. The silicone profiles are a very good insulator of electric. It is also extremely resistant to the aliphatic oils.

Disadvantages of silicone
The main disadvantage of the silicone is its mechanical strength. It has poor resistance than other rubber type’s products. But by preparing some type of special mixtures the material qualities can be modified. Mixtures just like a higher strength of tear, improved thermal and steam resistance, and a fire behaviour that can be better.

With the use of correct material mixtures silicone can be used in the industry of foodstuff. The FDA approved solution’s requirements are fulfilled with the applications of these silicone profiles. The silicone mixtures are prepared in the mixing plant. The main focus is the varying silicone’s qualities that start from the small batches to enable the solutions to fulfill the client needs. With the RAL color chat the silicone profile can be tinted accordingly. There is a type of full colorless silicone is also available. To meet the client needs the silicone reinforced the seal solutions with metal. These types of solutions are prepared with a mixture that is best for the client’s requirements.

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